December 20, 2002


TOMAHAWK-CHOPPING THE PAYROLL: As a lifelong hater of the Atlanta Braves I can't say it makes me too upset, but today that team made the most nonsensical trade in recent memory, dealing ace pitcher Kevin Millwood to the Philadelphia Phillies for backup catcher Johnny Estrada.
Now I understand that since the Braves decided to bring back Greg Maddux they can no longer afford Millwood. But why trade him for almost nothing (to a divisional rival no less) when they could've held out and gotten multiple prospects from another team? The Yankees and Red Sox right now are in a bitter bidding war over Bartolo Colon, a pitcher of similar skill level, age, and salary to Millwood. So why Atlanta didn't just deal Millwood to the loser of the Colon battle for a similar package of prospects will forever remain a mystery.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 20, 2002 11:48 PM
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