December 19, 2002

SICK, SICK, SIKAHEMA: As Philadelphia

SICK, SICK, SIKAHEMA: As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist and Brandeis alum Gail Shister reports, former All-Pro NFL star Vai Sikahema recently did no less than nibble a horse's ass as a promotional stunt for the NBC reality show "Fear Factor." Sikahema, an anchor for Philadelphia's NBC affiiliate, shot the stunt in order to promote an upcoming "Factor" episode; the station, to its credit, has decided not to run the promo, though they inexplicably have no plans to drop Sikahema.
It's hard to believe that while such a huge deal was made earlier this year when a former NFL player (ex-Viking Esera Tuaolo) announced that he's gay, there's been a virtual media blackout about the Sikahema/horse incident. Whatever you think about athletes having sex with other men, there's no way you can put that on the same moral plane as another athlete tossing a horse's salad.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 19, 2002 11:28 PM
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