May 24, 2004

Dead Aide

Well, the “NobodyGotWhackedItJumpedTheShark” people are happy tonight, because the plot of the fifth season of “The Sopranos” took a huge leap forward with Sunday’s episode, with loose ends wrapped up and - oh yea, somebody got whacked.


After the script used an extended “Goodfellas” homage to hint strongly that Christopher and Adriana would go the way of Henry and Karen Hill into the Witness Protection Program, it threw a curveball, and as a result Adriana was whacked. She thus became the first regular-from-the-beginning to meet such a fate since, I believe, Big Pussy, who expired in the finale of Season 2- an episode that aired four years ago.

See, this is why people don’t get whacked that often- so it’ll be special when it does happen.

In other happenings, Tony and Carmela reconciled, with Carmela’s price being an end to Tony’s extramarital shenanigans, as well as his agreement to invest in a plot of real estate that looked an awful lot like the place Adriana was dumped off.

And also, the Little Carmine/Dubya parallel crashed once and forever as the ineffectual semi-don agreed to abdicate his claim to lead the New York family, in process granting the world’s coolest job title –“Boss of New York”- to Johnny Sack. Carmine also gave us one last malapropism, referring to the situation as a “stagmire.” That’s something Bush would never say, as his speechwriters would never allow him to even attempt use of the word “quagmire.”

So with those loose ends tied up, we move on to the finale in two weeks, in which the main issues will be Tony’s burgeoning feud with Johnny Sack, as well as what they’ll do with Tony B, whose character arc appears to be complete at this point. My prediction- we’ll see an out-of-nowhere whacking, probably of either Christopher, Paulie, or Silvio. Call it a hunch.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 24, 2004 02:57 AM
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