April 01, 2011

Something of My Work

Lots of new things I've written/worked on have come online in recent days, and here's a roundup:

- At the Patch, I've got a double-review of "Win Win" and "Source Code," both of which I liked quite a bit.

- Also at the Patch, I did a fun interview with Frank Brady, the official team chiropractor of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the Flyers and Soul.

- Here's this week's E-Gear Weekly e-newsletter, featuring stuff about the new Apple-like Sony stores, a review of the Nintendo 3DS and a chance to win (I'm not kidding) an iPod dock shaped like a pig.

- Speaking of E-Gear, the newest print issue is online too, featuring a couple of reviews of mine. Also, judging by the cover art, this issue may have been guest-designed by Zack Snyder.

- And finally, my company's got big plans in June for the first-ever CE Week, a sort of Fashion Week for gadgets, or a CES in New York in the summer. There's a YouTube channel up; here's a welcome message from Natali Morris, the host of the thing:

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 1, 2011 02:39 PM
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