April 06, 2011

Double Draft

The Deadspin Funbag yesterday had an interesting idea, should the NFL lockout continue into next spring:

Remember: If you get drafted and you don't sign with the team that drafted you, you get to enter the draft the next year. So with that in mind, wouldn't that then negate the ENTIRE 2011 draft if the season were to be canceled? Wouldn't all those players need to be drafted again? Wouldn't that, in essence, make the 2012 Draft a DOUBLE draft? And wouldn't that be kind of fucking awesome? Fifty million people would watch that draft. They should make that draft 14 rounds. You couldn't change the draft order then, because Carolina would finally have a chance to draft Andrew Luck and Jerry Richardson would throw immigrant babies out of his mansion window if you tried to screw his team out of that pick. And then Cam Newton would fall to the third round and everyone would point at him and laugh. I kind of want to cancel the 2011 season now just to see that happen.
I had an even better idea a while back- why not just have two drafts, one week apart? If there were no draft this year, and the strike got settled during the offseason, why not have the 2011 draft and then, a week later, the 2012 draft. The most fun part would be teams using draft picks next week to trade up this week.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 6, 2011 03:21 PM
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