April 06, 2011

The Bracket Arrives

The 2011 Name of the Year bracket has been revealed! Here's the field of 64;here's the annual Deadspin podcast discussing it.

My predicted Sweet 16, after some tough, tough decisions: Rockwell Bonecutter, Col. Many-Bears Grinder, Ebenezer Noonoo, Shalom Dreampeace Compost, Chuntania Dangerfield, Quardrophenia Taylor, Solo Alone, Leekeebrion Jackson, RexAchilles Imperial, Vernon Lee Bad Marriage, Jr., Dr. Loveday Conquest, Taco B.M. Monster, La'Peaches Pitts, Yu Arafuka, Spartacus Chino and Madz Negro.

And I can't see Taco B.M. Monster losing, and neither can the two Deadspin hosts.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 6, 2011 03:23 PM
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