April 13, 2011

Also, Girls Shouldn't Wear Short Dresses If They Don't Want to Get Raped

Here's the worst sports column of the year, by a guy at a rural paper in Pennsylvania blaming the recent fan assault of a Giants fan at Dodgers Stadium- which left him in a coma- on the victim himself, because he was wearing a Giants jersey. The guy has been rightly pilloried for this all over the Internet.

Truth is, I've heard a version of this argument on Philly radio countless times- "you wear a Cowboys jersey in OUR HOUSE- what do you expect?"- although to be fair, never in defense of someone being beaten into a coma.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 13, 2011 01:15 PM

You totally glossed over the best part of that article!

Former Cincinnati Reds reliever Rob Dibble told Fox Sports that Barry Bonds' teammates in Pittsburgh were known to ask Reds pitchers to throw at Bonds.

He said, "When he was with the Pirates, his teammates would come up to Norm Charlton and I and say, 'We'll give you a steak dinner if you hit him."

Do you find that unbelievable?

I don't.

It doesn't surprise me a bit.

Posted by: LilB at April 14, 2011 09:25 AM
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