April 20, 2011

A "Glee" Question

It's the most progressive show in the world when it comes to gay issues. If someone's a 14-year-old theater queen who's felt like an outcast their entire life, that show has to be a godsend to them, and it's one of the better things about it.

But what's up with the Stephen Tobolowsky character? A recurring character in the first season who just appeared for the first time this year in Monday's episode, the character is a gay teacher who's 1) a pederast who openly lusts after underage students and 2) treated as a walking punchline.

It's not in line with the show's values, nor is it especially funny for a teacher to be a predator. The show's message seems to be "it's okay to be gay, as long as you're not a creepy middle-aged man. Then it's gross, but also funny."

And I say this as someone who loves Tobolowsky and thinks his podcast is one of the best things on the Internet. And I like that the character's last name is "Ryerson," same as his "Groundhog Day" character.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 20, 2011 03:31 PM

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