May 18, 2011

Son of Ah-nuld

News Item: Arnold Schwarznegger fathered an out-of-wedlock child in the late '90s

The thing that's most shocking to me is that he somehow kept it a secret for so long. I mean, this happened before he ran for governor the first time. He ran for governor twice, was governor for seven years, and had a whole lot of enemies on both the right and left. No one's opposition research caught this before now? No reporter did either? And there weren't even rumors?

I'm also wondering why this is so much more of an outrage than those stories in 2003 about him groping women on movie sets. Sure, cheating on your wife with an employee and getting her pregnant is a pretty jerk move, but isn't playing nonconsensual grabass with multiple women much worse? When that story got out most of the outrage was about how the story broke right before the election.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 18, 2011 01:08 PM
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