Comments: The Mentally Handicapped vs. "Tropic Thunder"

With Barack Obama on the verge of becoming the next American President it seems that the white establishment has declared an unofficial war on all things African. The latest attack arrives in theatres this week with the new American film, "Tropic Thunder" in which a white man (Robert Downey Jr. pictured above) puts on blackface and pretends to be a son of Africa.

A white man was recently caught plotting to assassinate Senator Obama, the African mayors of Detroit and Baltimore are being harassed by the white legal system and the American entertainment system creates films such as "Tropic Thunder".

This film is also an insult since it makes light of the fact that the U.S. government forced thousands of African men to take part in its war of aggression against the people of Vietnam.

There is nothing amusing about blackface. It is a highly racist and offensive depiction of Africans. Its sole purpose is to demean us and to propagate the stereotype that Africans are on this Earth merely for the amusement and abuse of the white man.

Posted by TruthFirst at August 12, 2008 02:31 AM
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