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"The State Council for approval to extend the scope of Xiamen Special economic zone to the Xiamen City, [url=] Nike Air Max 2010 Women White/Black/Purple[/url] agreed to the establishment of regional financial services center in Xiamen, approved the establishment of the Fuzhou bonded Harbor area. State Council agreeing to China Merchants economic development zone, [url=] nike shox r5 shoes men white/black[/url] Zhangzhou, Quanzhou economic development zone upgraded to a State-level economic and technological development zone. National development and Reform Commission, giving the province Taiwan investment areas, comprehensive experimental zone of Pingtan, [url=] Nike Air Max 2010 Women White/Grey/Purple[/url] gulei port Taiwan petrochemical industrial park project approved special policies implemented in specific regions such as Taiwan's capital. [url=] nike shox dream all white for men[/url] Ministry of industry and information technology support of industrial connection between Fujian and Taiwan to further relax the Taiwan investment in our province petrochemical, electronics, machinery and other industry-wide. Report, approval of the people's Bank of China, [url=] nike shox monster si black/silver for men[/url] and other ministries carry out cross-border RMB trade settlement pilot in our province. Approval of the Ministry of public security, the province may, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Pink/Grey[/url] for direct flights from Fujian coastal port entry of Taiwan residents and has been in the Mainland of Taiwan residents of 5-year MTP, and allow the province to Taiwan mainland travel permits for residents in the island. [url=] nike shox monster si mens white/black[/url] Report describes the countries several ministries in terms of mechanism of project construction, and livelihood improvement, support for the province. Among them, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women White[/url] Ministry of land and resources in building a land-use planning indicators and annual plan targets arrangements, with emphasis on expanding area project approval, Taiwan businessmen investment zone, [url=] nike shox monster si mens white/gold[/url] Pingtan comprehensive experimental zones established and new areas such as land grant support. Ministry of railways, Ministry of transport, Civil Aviation Administration, the National Energy Board respectively in railways, roads, ports, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women White/Blue[/url] airports, energy projects, approval of the layout and tilt on funding support. According to the report, around the hercynian in key regions and key industries, the province has strengthened strategic cooperation with single to promote single layout of items in the province with greater intensity. [url=] nike shox monster si mens white/purple[/url] In Fujian province and Beijing at the end of last year on a single fair, total 123 discuss cooperation projects, total investment of $ 846.4 billion. 20th reporters from the meeting was informed that the comprehensive experiment of Pingtan district overall development planning, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women White/Pink[/url] ?in July last year by the provincial Government submitted to the State Council, national development and Reform Commission, in accordance with relevant departments of the State, has a good plan revised and improved the text, [url=] Nike Air Max 2010 Women White/Grey/Skyblue[/url] will be formally submitted to the State Council for approval in the near future. In cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, and enterprises to invest in Taiwan made breakthroughs in our province, 21 companies are allowed to set up branches or offices in Taiwan, [url=] nike shox dream black mens shoes[/url] the amount of investment nearly 76 million dollars, ranking first in mainland. "United States enactment of the Taiwan Relations Act is in fact to interfere in China's internal affairs by a law, United States of a domestic law tube in the internal affairs of other countries, to put it bluntly, [url=] Nike Air Max 2010 Women White/Pink[/url] that is too domineering. "On May 18, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs when Malone held a press conference, Chen bingde talked about Chinese people's Liberation Army Chief of United States arms sales to Taiwan saying when. [url=] nike shox dream black/gold for men[/url] In United States territory, the Chinese military chief named criticized the United States "domineering" it is rare. We were very bold, speak sternly out of sense of Justice, resounding. [url=] nike shox sneakers[/url] Sino-US military exchanges have positive significance for Sino-US military. Key to affecting Sino-US military Exchange is the Taiwan issue. Sino-US military Exchange was temporarily interrupted after the January 2010 the reasons Taiwan issue, precisely because the US side announced to the Taiwan arms sales. China holds that the United States insisted on arms sales to Taiwan, [url=] nike shox dream black/white for men[/url] is violated China's sovereignty, violated China's bottom line, is a United States proof of interfering in China's sovereignty. In this situation, is unlikely to promote Sino-US military exchanges. It should be said that this position can be understood by the Chinese side. [url=] nike shox running shoes[/url] If the Chinese side supports United States island a State independent of or to the United States against the forces of arms sales, believe that the United States also will look at Sino-US military exchanges in the same manner. And the Taiwan Relations Act is United States 1979 unilaterally enact a domestic law. [url=] nike shox dream for men white/blue[/url] The law requires the United States Government to Taiwan to provide "defensive weapons" wantonly interfere in China's internal affairs, [url=] cheap nike shox shoes[/url] from the outset was firmly opposed by the Chinese Government and people. Years, the United States continued arms sales to Taiwan, and rely on is this the Taiwan Relations Act. With the change of more than 30 years of reform and opening up in China, [url=] nike shox monster si running shoes[/url] especially Chinese choose the road of peaceful development, gradually improve relations across the Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan Relations Act also as early as the canceled. Chen bingde revealed that the two days he and United States members had contacts, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women White/Purple[/url] a number of members was the Taiwan Relations Act, the time to review. Chen bingde also said that China's military development, ready to deal with the "Taiwan independence" preparations. This is the "Taiwan independence" warnings, [url=] nike shox monster si white/black[/url] is also a matter of sovereign States. United States media Chinese fighter flight test of 20 questions, Chen bingde asked: "the United States has already made so many new weapons, and who he is against it? [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women White/Yellow[/url] Why China got a new weapon on the United States posed a threat and challenges? Does only allow you to do, but China is not allowed? "This is the voice of forcefully refuted, as well as statements of truth, feel the energy. I see that Chen a total length of this rebuttal, cheers on the Internet. [url=] nike shox monster si white/black/blue[/url] Development of Sino-US military exchanges, the key is the vision of Sino-us politicians. In January this year, Chinese President Hu Jintao to President Obama proposed the development of Sino-US relations, "five-point proposal": the development of political relations while reserving differences, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men Grey/Skyblue[/url] equality and mutual trust; deepening economic relations of comprehensive cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win; common response to the challenges of global partnerships; promote the broad participation of Sino-US friendship of the people; build in-depth high-level exchanges between the modes of communication, [url=] nike shox dream men black/white/gold[/url] frank dialogue. And President Obama has repeatedly said the United States does not seek to contain China. And arms sales to Taiwan will undoubtedly raise bilateral political and military friction, offset the positive effect of Sino-US relations. [url=] nike shox dream men black/white/red[/url] In this connection, United States military and the many United States think-tank also tendencies that view. Sino-US military exchanges reflects this demand.

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