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"Ling Shaokui admitted that the current county there are serious violations of land, [url=] nike shox r5 mens shoes black[/ur] illegal occupation. According to conservative estimates, an area of ??4000 mu. The main problems are 3 categories: First, unlawful appropriation of township enterprises or in Luandaluanjian; [url=] Nike Air Max 2010[/ur] Second, illegal transfer of rural land, some land there "rents collected" problem; third part of the industrial and logistics park land does not legally , [url=] nike shox r5 mens shoes black/red[/ur] without obtaining the land index case, a lot of farmland. According to the local masses, Xianghe County, and only in the East Village near the village extended over 2000 acres of land have been requisitioned. The government "rents collected" illegal area. [url=] womens nike shox torch white/blue[/ur] Occupy land in violation Xianghe County process, "rents collected" approach is widely used. [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black/Lightblue[/ur] The so-called "rents collected" refers to the collective farmers lease land for non-agricultural development, is to circumvent the statutory agricultural land conversion and approval of land expropriation as a means to enable local governments in planning to expand outside the scale of construction land, to avoid balance of arable land to fulfill the obligations. [url=] womens nike shox torch white/pink[/ur] Anping County in Xianghe town, well-known housing prices in Beijing Wantong Xianghe development of "Wisteria Castle" is a microcosm of commercial and residential projects. The sales lady said, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black/Pink[/ur] "Wisteria Fort" covering about 154 acres, one hundred of house opened in November last year, two, three of the villas and gardens are also expected to open, and stay at the end of next year. [url=] womens nike shox torch white/silver[/ur] Vice President Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Xianghe Wantong Yang Gang said: "'Wisteria Castle' project land belongs to the state-owned construction land, the company provides complete procedures for land use and planning." [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black/Purple[/ur] But the local villagers has a different view, "Wisteria Fort" the land where the project was originally Ping Xie Tuncun 104 land by the town of "flow" comes, by the government "rents collected" way illegally obtained. [url=] mens nike shox monster si black/red[/ur] Villagers did not sign the land requisition contract, but signed and village "land transfer contract", and specify the annual rent of 1150 yuan / mu, 30 yuan per mu annual increase.Commercial farmland turned to just 5 months. [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black/Red[/ur] According to the survey, the transfer of state-owned land from the land turned to construction land, and was business development process, after the village, the town government, county land departments, the county government layers of "packaging", [url=] Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Shoes[/ur] which lasted less than 5 months. Anping town government to provide the "expropriation of land on the work of Xie Zhuncun note" shows, May 13, 2009, Xie Zhuncun convened a "two-committee" and the village representatives, [url=] nike shox r5 mens shoes white/black[/ur] the question could have been discussing the issue of land transfer, In most cases without the knowledge of the villagers, the meeting agreed to the resolution becomes 154 mu of cultivated land to the town government for development. [url=] Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes[/ur] The result is renting the town government to transfer the name of the implementation of the requisition of cultivated land. [url=] nike shox r5 mens shoes white/blue[/ur] Since then, the village will transfer the land to the town government "take over", self-organization "proof of completion of land compensation" and other related materials submitted to the county land department, [url=] Mens Nike Air Max 2009[/ur] for state-owned land warrants, to achieve the land from farmland to the nature of the state-owned construction land , use changes. Subsequently, the county designated as a Land Properties Ltd. [url=] nike shox r5 mens shoes white/red[/ur] Shengda Xianghe a comprehensive remediation of the land developer. October 2009, Xianghe County of the land for auction and, Wantong real estate to 60 million per acre and the price looks to develop. [url=] mens nike shox monster si red/black[/ur] Local people said that after their land is "Wisteria Castle" project such a process, through the "rents collected" approach, related to land clearance and approval process, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Grey/Orange[/ur] "denatured" state-owned construction land.Check out false rehabilitation to cope with higherLand for serious violations, illegal occupy problems, Xianghe County Chun-Hua Zhou said that from May 16 onwards, [url=] nike shox monster men white/red[/ur] Xianghe County issued an emergency rectification notice, requiring all to stop violations, the phenomenon of illegal land use, rehabilitation, and the industry have been requisitioned commercial development of the land, the current rehabilitation area of ??1,000 acres. [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Grey/Purple[/ur] For the "rents collected" problem, Xianghe County called for the immediate end to "transfer contract was illegal, unlawful use of Transfer", the non-township, as the flow of the main village, [url=] nike shox monster mens white/gold[/ur] in rural land. But the villagers reflected in the county to see the wind close to up to engage in "false rehabilitation" to meet, some of the seed sowing the land, nor deep plowing, trouble with the soil of a buried, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women LightBlack/LightPurple[/ur] corn after emergence only, not long grain, meet the above inspection. 16, in rural Hong Qian Wang a three plots near the road, 5 rotary tiller is on land rehabilitation. A rotary tiller pilot, [url=] nike shox monster mens white/silver[/ur] said: "We rehabilitation of the land is located is driving school and Xianghe Greenland Group rose between headquarters, 300 acres, was originally prepared to build a logistics center. Loaded with ground wells, [url=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women LightBlue/Grey[/ur] drains removed, to say to quickly rehabilitation, our 5-day emergency machine to level 200 mu of land. but the earth is full of stones and cement stake, can you grow crops? "In some land-site, although the land has been bulldozed Rotary, [url=] Womens Nike Air Max 2009[/ur] but is a concrete road on land acquisition, land and other ancillary facilities have been repaired pile, the original ground of the wells, drainage pump, also to be landfilled or towed away, even if rehabilitation, [url=] nike shox r5 mens white/gold[/ur] agricultural productivity is also greatly affected. Reporter unsuccessful call 110 for help. So far, more than more than 70 ministries have introduced policies and single files, or I province signed a cooperation agreement, and the summary of meetings, [url=] Mens Nike Air Max 2010[/ur] support for the development and construction of haixi tilt in our province. "The 20th, the provincial government to the agreement on implementation of the State Council Standing Committee Conference on support to speed up construction of economic area of straits West Coast in Fujian province introduced the report of the opinions of, we should actively support for national ministries, [url=] nike shox r5 shoes for men black[/ur] strengthening the strategic cooperation with single. Report pointed out that the Ministry of national development and Reform Commission, housing construction, tourism and other sectors to support specific measures in this sector of the construction of haixi development planning.

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