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Now more than clear that the quality of products we do not have any flaws. [URL=] nike shox oz mens shoes white/silver[/URL] Through communication, the companies decided, but those who are not the standard used by companies to return gum, we will check out, check out the future for these products will be unified to the recall. The add back the proportion of plastic, is not in order to reduce costs? [URL=] nike shox torch mens white/black/blue[/URL] the last two years the price of synthetic rubber, particularly high mountain, indeed, we do reflect the cost of control. In addition, the back plastic is actually a kind of raw material production line, [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men Grey/Skyblue[/URL] not a rubber tire manufacturers to return to the throw, the remaining scrap will be re-used, the key is to use according to strict standards. We Kumho has eight factories in the world, now synchronous rubber mixing ratio of return to re-do the improvement and rectification. [URL=] nike shox torch mens white/gold sale[/URL] I think other companies after the tire after it also, like us, to re-adjust this standard. Were not fundamentally affect the order is still in short supply? This time, only for the recalled product range Tianjin factory, [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men Grey/Skyblue[/URL] or for the Kumho all enterprises in China? First, Tianjin plant shutdown, stopped the next day after the quality inspection department of the Kumho done a series of checks. Nanjing plant, Chengdu factory also has two surprise inspections, [URL=] nike shox torch mens white/gold/black[/URL] AQSIQ to do this to determine a product is qualified. This one does not need the export factories in Tianjin 3C authentication, export products from April 26 to have restored to production, [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men Skyblue/Grey[/URL] quality inspection prior to export is done with the communication from them to get permission before starting to do. vehicle manufacturers customer side, there is no revocation of the status of individual orders? [URL=] nike shox torch mens white/red/black[/URL] Event Initially, our order has a very rapid change, but no. Basically, there are actually re-sell orders into account all the previous problems. There is also a problem because the Tianjin plant suspend production for rectification, [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men White/Black/Red[/URL] our shipments do not increase now, so now the factory with a production capacity of the other to vigorously ensure that our shipments to vehicle manufacturers, but now there are still issues in short supply .Posted for the network said, "According to witnesses, from noon to now has happened several police and protesters in the physical conflict, [URL=] womens nike shox tl3 shoes[/URL] there continue to flow in the body of the residents and the police carried out the development center." Southern suburbs of Datong District, said event process, the demolition company and split households, [URL=] nike shox oz si white/gold[/URL] on-site police and the demolition of households do not have a conflict and caused no casualties. At present, further investigation of this incident is still being processed. [URL=] womens shox dream shoes[/URL] About 10 minutes later, a man wearing a white shirt came to inquire about the origin and units. See this person, several people scattered away. Whispered one lady, this one is the township government cadres, [URL=] nike shox oz turbo white/black shoes[/URL] often where land abandonment occurs, once the situation is out of cross-examination. Then came news of a move back to the real estate group of a housing project, outside of dozens of local villagers gathered. Reporter to the construction sites just ten meters away, [URL=] womens shox r3 shoes[/URL] just like back up 3 people, questioning reporters origin. Villagers said that the 3 people to move back to room in this project to "monitor" Wang money to the township government staff. [URL=] nike shox oz white/blue mens shoes[/URL] Then I drove to another point of interviews on the way found to be 3 car tracking. One of which is the "white shirt" on a white Passat. [URL=] womens shox r4 shoes[/URL] Reporter driving around town a few times, tried to shake the car, but always failed. Helpless, the reporter stopped tracking the 3 car is immediately stopped the car to the reporters who surrounded the taxi, [URL=] nike shox oz womens white/blue shoes[/URL] again questioning the origins of journalists and propaganda department claimed. , Told reporters: "We are to understand the situation, I hope you do not follow, naturally you will need to contact to find you." The caller said, if you do not like, [URL=] nike shox torch womens shoes black/sliver[/URL] not with the "superior leadership" perfunctory. In the following interview, which is always a few cars with reporters playing "hide and seek", looming. Police said the interview should be approved 15 at night, six reporters to the small village of entries in an interview. [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Men White/Red[/URL] The villagers said that the village is 360 acres of food grain in 2009 was "transfer", but the township government had promised not repair the road up, but developed into commercial use. [URL=] nike shox torch womens white/gold[/URL] Reporter went to interview a farmer, after the news spread, villagers nearby were a few have come that reflect their experiences to the house soon filled with people. The villagers and the village took the sign of the "land transfer agreement", [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black[/URL] "Land Contract Management Certificate" and other materials of the problem.The villagers to send a reporter back to the residence 23:20 or so, there is still no news of 110. [URL=] nike shox torch womens black/pink[/URL] One villager stood up boldly: "Do not be afraid, there we are, you must be safe to go out." Suddenly, dozens of people stand out: "We send you out." Less than 20 minutes, 40 more than a dozen villagers gathered to motor vehicles, escorted a reporter back to the residence voluntarily. [URL=] Nike Air Max 2009 Women Black/Blue[/URL] At this point nearly midnight, the king in a small village six hundred meters west to the Village of the aisle, were filled with villagers who heard that some older journalists took the hand with tears. [URL=] Womens Shox R4 Torch Shoes[/URL] Six journalists from small Wangcun to more than 20 kilometers of road residence, has been escorted by the villagers. Xianghe County, was the practice of land dispossession of farmers strongly resisted. [URL=] nike shox oz womens white/pink shoes[/URL] Chiang Hsin Tun, pliers and other towns, Tuen, the farmers went every day to the former care home, a working group of the event village land, with regard to setting off firecrackers as the number, [URL=] Womens Shox Turbo Shoes[/URL] call the villagers care, and sometimes as many as hundreds of people. The money Wang, An Equal towns, expropriation of farmers on a regular basis to organizations of their own entrance gate to the construction site,[URL=] nike shox oz womens white/purple shoes[/URL]Dulu,pulling banners.Resistance due to farmers, some were forced to stop land grabbing, a large area of cultivation. Zhang Yan in the East Village neighborhood farmers have 300 acres of fallow. [URL=] womens whox oz shoes[/URL] Zhang said: "The mid-2008, the township government to seize the land of farmers,government and villagers have been confrontation, and the land shortage. [URL=] nike shox r5 mens black/red[/URL]These to seven or eight pounds of wheat per mu, abandoned to the loss of more than 20 kg of grain production capacity,really commit a sin.

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