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Shi Daoan: Unfortunately, I don't think these would be any progress on substantive issues. [b][url=]mens nike shox oz[/url] [/b]I can expect the best results is issued a copy of the Declaration of principles to guide bilateral military relations. United States has a relatively modest goals, hoped the two countries in military relations can return to a relatively stable stage; [b][url=]Brand new Men's Nike Shox NZ Shoes White[/url][/b]relevant consensus at the military code of conduct, and as the two countries on the high seas and international space together in the field of guidance. [b][url=]Best Selling Nike Shox NZ Men Shoes White / Red[/url][/b]Washington is concerned about the level of distrust between the two countries, and potential crisis events that may spin out. Was regrettable, even such modest goals seem unattainable.[b] [url=]womens nike shox oz[/url][/b]Oriental Morning Post: Chen bingde in the United States National Defense University on United States officials made a speech. United States to have any expectations?[b] [url=]Cheap Shox NZ White Shoes on sale[/url][/b]Shi Daoan: I think that from the United States official expectations are not very high. Instead, the United States soldiers on listening to the speech of senior Chinese military officials face to face with great interest.[b] [url=]nike shox r5 shoes[/url][/b] In my opinion, they did not expect to hear views outside of the official position is different from China.Oriental Morning Post: your views on how issues of major concern in China?[b] [url=]Cheapest Shox NZ Black Shoes for men[/url][/b]Shi Daoan: China's main objective was reiterated its official position within a range of issues. I don't think China would like to take this line make any real progress on these issues.[b] [url=]Cheapest Shox NZ Shoes White for male[/url][/b] Form and symbolism is very important to the Chinese side. Expectations of the United States is very low.Maike·malun, 17th President of the Joint Chiefs is to visit the United States of Chinese people's Liberation Army held a welcome ceremony General Chen bingde, [b][url=]nike shox dream on sale[/url] [/b]Chief of the armed forces of the two more at the ceremony, "engage in a small talk."Welcoming ceremony on the morning of us held Fort Meyer barracks in the suburbs of Washington. Due to rain in the morning, conditions of outdoor venues is not satisfactory, ceremony held indoors temporary modification.[b] [url=]Comfortable Shox NZ men Shoes Gold/Red for male[/url][/b]After the ceremony began, Fort barracks first airing of views salute welcome Chen bingde Meyer visited the United States. Chen bingde then stepped off the podium, accompanied by us military commanders reviewed the honor guard. After the conclusion of the review, [b][url=]nike shox dream 2010[/url][/b][b] [/b]the US military band played the two countries ' national anthems.Ceremony to this, Chen bingde and Malone is not in a hurry to leave, but recommending each other representatives on the rostrum, pull up the "home". [b][url=]nike shox r5[/url][/b][b] [/b]When Chen bingde referral when a representative of the Chinese side, Malan asked "this is also very young, was the first visit to United States? [b][url=]nike shox turbo mesh[/url][/b][b] [/b]"After giving a definite answer, Chen bingde also introduced the representative's father was a" Chinese revolution ".Introduction to Chen bingde, Commander of the Nanjing military region Deputy Commander and the East China Sea fleet of the Navy and the Soviet Union when the front, [b][url=]Cool design cheap Shox NZ men Shoes White[/url][/b]Malan said he had met former with Soviet support, the presentation of the Jinan military region and Deputy Commander, Commander of the Jinan military region air force when Ken p. Chong, Malan asked "when Commander how long? "Chen bingde said, Ken p. Chong", he was air force Deputy Chief of staff ".[b][url=]Men's High quality Shox OZ Shoes White[/url][/b]When the Chief staff officer Yang Hui, Minister of intelligence on the front, his first with the English greetings to Malone, and they can also speak Russian, Malone was interested in hearing, said he is just two weeks ago to visit Russia, [b][url=]nike shox dream women white/black/pink[/url][/b]Chen bingde subsequently introduced, Yang Hui "Russian line, English row" is in the Chinese army "bilingual talent", and "to contribute to the anti-terrorism information."[b] [url=]Men's Low cost Shox OZ basketball Shoes White/Blue[/url][/b]CPC, Member of the members, [b][url=]nike shox dream for women white/blue[/url][/b]and CMC Deputy President Guo boxiong today in watch armed police stationed in Beijing Mobile forces ability construction results report show Shi stressed, armed police forces to firmly implement Party Central Committee, [b][url=]Durable Men's Nike Shox OZ basketball Shoes Silver/Black[/url][/b]and State Council, and CMC and Hu President of decision indicates, banner China characteristics Socialist great banner, [b][url=]nike shox dream white womens shoes[/url][/b]to Deng Xiaoping theory and "three a representative" important thought for guidance, in-depth implement implementation science development view, [b][url=]Low price Shox OZ male Shoes White/Golden[/url][/b]seriously implementation Hu President on defense and army construction theme main line of major strategy thought and "five a more focus on" of overall requirements, around party and national work overall, [b][url=]nike shox dream women black/hot pink[/url][/b]look effective fulfil armed police forces of duties mission, vigorously promoting modernization armed police forces construction, constantly improve to duty Department bursting for Center of was line diversification task of ability, [b][url=]Men's First rate Shox OZ Shoes White/Navy Blue[/url][/b]firmly completed party and people gives of the task, to do work of actual action meet CPC established 90 annual.Director of the Central Military Commission and director Li jinai, together with the members of the Central Military Commission, General equipment Minister Chang Wanquan watch.[b] [url=]cheap nike shox tl1[/url][/b]In watch has equipment pass field show and part training subjects demonstrates Hou, Guo boxiong pointed out that, good party and people loyalty guardian of consciousness and firm sexual, ensure all action firmly follow party Central Committee, and State Council, and CMC and Hu President command.[b] [url=]nike shox dream mens black/skyblue[/url][/b]Guo boxiong stressed, to bearing in mind the mission, and does not negative great trust, full awareness armed police forces of status role and duties mission, further enhanced political consciousness, and regime consciousness, [b][url=]Best selling Shox OZ Shoes White/Pink for men[/url][/b]and hardship consciousness and mission consciousness, vigorously strengthening combat forces, and weapons equipment, and command means construction and comprehensive protection work, effectively do was line the task of prepared, [b][url=]nike shox dream mens shoes white/gold[/url][/b]go all out to completed duty, and Department bursting, and counter-terrorism, and dimension stability and the other emergency insurance heavy task. To strict, and strictly training, always without relax to grasp military struggle prepared, [b][url=]Cheapest Shox OZ White/Black men shoes[/url][/b]actively promoting training change, constantly rise new of training boom, perfect combat readiness system and action programme, comprehensive implementation the protection measures; to adhere to changes from a war need start exacting and rigid caught training, adhere to strictly, and science, [b][url=]Cool Shox OZ Shoes Black/White for male[/url][/b]and formal, and solid to caught training, temper officers and men excellent of military skills and tenacious of fighting spirit, constantly improve forces emergency reaction, and fast mobile, and site disposal and comprehensive protection ability, [b][url=]nike shox dream white/black mens shoes[/url][/b]ensure once something, to high standards to do political firm, and clear-cut stand, and action quickly, and on time in place, correct command, and decisive decision, effective control situation, and quickly calm events, for maintenance national social overall stability made should have of contribution.

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