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I hope there IS NOT a debate over the death penalty bc of Scott Friggin Peterson or anyone else. I am hopeful that CA is a smart enough of a state to keep the death penalty, unlike the state of NY. These moratorums on the death penalty make me want to puke!!!!

Posted by A at December 14, 2004 11:15 AM

"...Scott Peterson has been sentenced to death for the killing of his wife Laci..."

Technically, not yet. The jury recommended death; the California Code of Criminal Procedure allows the judge to reject the recmmendation and sentence him to life without parole.

"...bringing this whole sordid, over-reported mess to a close."

Sorry, Steve, but...NOT! California has executed a grand total of something like ten people since reinstating capital punishment in 1978, but it has over 700 on death row still working through all their appeals. It'll take the state a good 20 years at least to execute Peterson, if it ever actually succeeds in doing so. This isn't over by a long shot: it's barely just begun.

Posted by Dave J at December 14, 2004 01:29 PM
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