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I disagree about the Tsunami coverage. More people died in that than in Iraq, 911 and any other bombings this year combined. It's going to take lots of money and support to help those people and if we weren't in Iraq, I am sure out troops would be there actually making some progress and not losing their let's throw that in Bush's face all the more!!!

Posted by A at January 2, 2005 02:32 PM

Having spent the bulk of my life in Green Bay, and thus being a fan, I have mixed emotions on Reggie. From a football standpoint, I have nothing but good things to say. There's no doubt in my mind he played as important role in the improvement of the team as Favre, Holmgren and Wolf did, perhaps more so by making Green Bay seem like an okay place to play. His leadership in the locker room and on the field, not to mention incredible athletic ability, he was a valuable part of the franchise.

But Reggie as a person, that's where I have issues. He made an ass of himself to the state legislature, and his comments regarding homosexuality were just plain stupid, and it was a glimpse of who this man was. In the mid 90s, his Church in Knoxville, TN burnt to the ground due to arson, and the people of Green Bay and Wisconsin spontaneously chipped in money to help rebuild the Church. I can't remember the exact dollar figure but a pretty high amount, and the Church was never rebuilt, and the money never accounted for from that day on, which pissed off quite a few people...although having read media reports out of Green Bay and Wisconsin, there is no mention of quickly they forget.

I'll remember Reggie as both a great football player and leader to his team, and also his conduct off the field.

Posted by Laura at January 3, 2005 04:30 PM
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