Comments: In Defense of "Munich"

Did you by any chance read the piece on Munich in the NY Jewish Week this week? It's called:
"Big Guns
Sometimes, a movie is only a movie: ‘Munich’ made simple."

Here's a synopsis:

Instead, it offered what might have been a deeper truth, one that those of us who think, write and scrutinize for a living are in danger of forgetting: Sometimes a movie is only a movie. And being a movie, “Munich” belongs less to the real world, in which debates about Zionism and morality rage uninterrupted, but to the cinematic world, where the rules are much simpler: The handsome man in white is good, the repulsive man in black is bad. It’s a cinematic staple as true for Bana and Craig as it was for Gary Cooper and John Wayne.

I think you'll find the piece to be of interest.

Posted by jaws at January 8, 2006 08:53 PM
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