Comments: Even More Embarrassing Than His Last Drug Arrest

The man is submitting to random drug tests which as of this posting, he hasn't failed. Don't you think the release of this story is just to embarrase him?

Posted by NeoCon at June 27, 2006 03:17 AM

It is usually illegal to possess any drug for which a prescription is required, if the possessor has no prescription. (State laws vary). Possessing unprescribed Viagra is certainly less of an offense than, say, possessing unprescribed Oxycontin, but if the person in question is on probation (or as I think Limbaugh is, under some kind of pretrial supervision program) - it's a little more serious.

Sure, it'll be a big story because he's a celebrity, and he'll get mocked by people who were completely understanding of Patrick Kennedy, even though Kennedy's behavior was loads more dangerous - but he's got drug issues. Violating drug laws, even minor ones, isn't nothing.

Posted by Gib at June 27, 2006 10:47 AM
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