Comments: "On the One Hand, Transgenderism and Urine Don't Play Well On the Right."

I understand what Camenker is trying to say, but Romney has been visibly (editorializing) in the Boston newspapers on his disagreement with certain issues. He is a Republican governor in a heavily democratic state. Just because the state does things does not always mean the governor decided to do them that way. I have read this article and it is really disgusting, and I wonder why The New Republic went into such detail to proliferate this story. I want to view each of the GOP candidates and choose the one that most closely matches my views. A slanted dossier from the radical fringe does not phase me. However, it's "support" by The New Republic leads me to question its nuetrality in the GOP race for 2008.

Posted by Mark Ratherford at December 27, 2006 12:36 AM
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