Comments: Ah, That Explains It

I'm one of the relatively people in the potential audience whose life actually WAS substantially affected by the whole Anna Nicole circus--since I work in the Broward County Courthouse--and I did my best to avoid the coverage as much as possible. It was bad enough being practically physically shoved aside as people involved got to comandeer elevators. Oh, yeah, I know, me prosecuting criminals could be nowhere as important as a fight over the body of some inexplicably famous dead slut.

OK, that was a little harsh, I admit, and I actually really liked Anna Nicole as a guilty pleasure, but still. And the fact that "Laser" Larry Seidlin gets to be the public face of the judicial system I work in...well, there are things I could say but that probably shouldn't be for public consumption.

Posted by Dave J at February 27, 2007 09:14 PM
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