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When I saw the trailer for No Country a few months ago, I was impressed enough to head to imdb to learn more about it.

When I saw that it was based on a book by Cormac McCarthy, some of whose other work I had really enjoyed, I ordered up the book and read it.

While I have not yet seen the movie, it sounds as though the ending tracks exactly with the disastrously awful manner in which the novel concludes.

I was so surprised at the disparity between the first two-thirds or three-quarters of the book and the remainder that I actually spent some time looking for an explanation. The best that I could come up with is that the book McCarthy submitted to the publisher was 600 + pages, and that there was a significant disagreement between McCarthy and the publisher over the final cut.

I was actually hoping that the Coen Bros. would "fix" the ending, and I am disappointed to see that their faithfulness to the source material has been taken to absurdity.

Posted by Benedict at November 19, 2007 01:34 PM
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