February 01, 2004


HITCH AND FRUM AT THE NEW SCHOOL: I had the pleasure Friday night of attending a debate about the current Iraq situation at Manhattan's New School University that featured, among others, journalist Christopher Hitchens, former Bush speechwriter David Frum, New Yorker writer Mark Danner, and author Samantha Power. Your usual back-and-forth, with charges of "the Iraqi people are free!" interspersed with charges of "Quagmire!," back and forth and so on.
Afterwards, I was able to chat briefly with Frum- the man who coined the phrase "Axis of Evil"- though Frum is apparently not so frum, as this notorious member of the Zionist Neocon Jewish Cabal agreed to participate in the forum on a Friday night. And then, along with some others I got to talk to Hitchens for nearly 45 minutes, during which he fired off one zinger after another, which included arguing in favor of a U.S. conquest of Canada, so that the reach of the British crown could be forever expelled from North America.
Hitchens, one of the most astute commentators about the Iraq situation since before President Bush had even heard of Saddam Hussein, was by far the most impressive member of the panel, arguing very persuasively that there is nothing unliberal about intervening to overthrow a fascistic tyrant. Later, he stated that "Bush didn't make the case for war the right way, and that's why I have to." To my disappointment, Hitch neither smoked nor drank during the debate, although he did chain-smoke throughout his impromptu question-and-answer session on W. 12th St.; even though I'm a non-smoker I was tempted to bum a smoke from him, just so I could say that I'd had a cigarette with Christopher Hitchens.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 1, 2004 04:31 AM
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