December 31, 2003


THE OL' BALL COACH BAILS: I can't say I'm surprised Steve Spurrier failed as an NFL coach- he really did have "Rick Pitino" written all over him when he took over the Redskins. But you've told me that he'd only last two years- and willingly leave the remaining $20 million on the table- I'd have told you you were nuts.
My lord do Washington's sports teams suck- when was the last time any of them were any good? And the thing is, not even Spurrier, or Jaromir Jagr, or even Michael Jordan can help. I don't think the curse will be broken until the inevitable arrival in town of the Expos...
Even more disturbing news- the Vikings will both not fire Mike Tice, and not hire a general manager. Way to learn from your mistakes, Red.
Meanwhile, without further ado, I only plan to do this once:


First round:
Colts over Broncos, Titans over Ravens
Packers over Seahawks, Cowboys over Panthers

Second Round:
Chiefs over Colts, Titans over Patriots
Rams over Packers, Eagles over Cowboys

Title Games:
Eagles over Rams
Titans over Chiefs

Super Bowl XXXVIII:
Eagles over Titans (keeping with my pre-season prediction)

Oh yea, and...

NFL Coaching Carousel predictions:
Giants: Tom Coughlin
Redskins: Romeo Crennel
Falcons: Lovie Smith
Bears: Kirk Ferentz
Cardinals: Jim Fassel
Raiders: Dennis Green
Bills: Charlie Weis

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 31, 2003 01:05 PM
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