December 21, 2003


THE BOOK ON PETE: Left off the A-Rod/Manny story while the rest of the baseball crew chased it, Rob Neyer came up with another big scoop: Pete Rose has a new book coming out in early January, which is the same week that next year's Hall of Fame inductions are announced. With Rose's negotiations with the commissioner about reinstatement ongoing, Neyer speculates, could this book contain the Hit King's long-awaited admission that he is indeed guilty of betting on baseball?
The book, from its title ("My Prison Without Walls") sounds on its face like more of Rose's woe-is-me victim-mongering. But what if Neyer is right, and the book is actually baseball's version of Robert McNamara's "In Retrospect"? I'd love to see the subsequent Errol Morris film...

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 21, 2003 11:02 PM
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