December 20, 2003

NEWS ITEM: Michael Jackson

NEWS ITEM: Michael Jackson joins the Nation of Islam. They said all the good Jacko jokes were already written ten years ago, but now we've got a new batch. Let's get right to it:
- I didn't know the Nation of Islam allowed white people.
- Or men who wear lipstick.
- I was under the impression plastic surgery was a no-no as well.
- I didn't think it was possible for the NOI to have any members more grotesque than Farrahkan, but I suppose I've been proven wrong.
- Aren't celebrities supposed to find Islam after going to jail, and not before?
- Does this mean Tommy Mottola is now a "white devil," as opposed to "devilish"?
- Will he now disavow his music, like Cat Stevens did?
- Grand prize goes to Colin Quinn: "This is bad news for the guys who were looking forward to raping him in prison- now that he's a Muslim, he's untouchable."
- One more thing- on the above New York Post front page, why is the phrase "9 Counts" rendered in the "Boston Red Sox" font? Don't tell me that's not intentional...

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 20, 2003 01:14 PM
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