December 17, 2003


BUSH IN THE ROUND: According to an AP report, the GOP is planning various configurations of Madison Square Garden for next year's Republican National Convention, and one of them is a "theater in the round"-like setup in which President Bush, on a center platform, would slowly rotate and thus face different convention-goers at different times.
Is it just me, or is that among the worst plans ever devised? In giving a speech, aren't you supposed to make eye contact with specific audience members? How is Bush supposed to do that if he's rotating as he speaks?
If you ask me, there are only three events that could possibly derail a Bush re-election: a sudden economic downturn, more terrorism domestically and in Iraq, and that "theater in the round" plan. And you thought the cruise-ship thing was a bad idea...
Speaking of Our Fearless Leader, he already crossed one anti-GWB talking point off the list with Saddam's capture. And in last night's Diane Sawyer interview he also removed the "won't say Bin Laden's name" argument, declaring that "bin Laden's on the run… he's probably in a hole somewhere hiding from justice."

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 17, 2003 05:03 PM
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