December 17, 2003

HORN BLOWS: I should probably

HORN BLOWS: I should probably weigh in on this controversy over Saints receiver Joe Horn and the stunt where he pulled out a cell phone after scoring a touchdown in last Sunday night's victory over the Giants. While it was a generally classless and not particularly funny stunt, I'm not really "outraged," and I don't see why anyone else is. Although I would favor a new league rule forbidding overenthusiastic touchdown dances by players who play for teams with losing records.
I'm more offended by Giants linebacker- and outspoken born-again Christian- Michael Barrow, and his comparison of last Sunday's loss to "being raped." Just imagine if an NBA player said that after losing to the Lakers...
Detroit Lions team president Matt Millen also had to apologize the other day for calling an opposing player a "faggot." Millen probably would be suspended, if it weren't for his about-to-be-fired status. Because as much embarrassment as the slur brought to the team, it was nothing compared to his having presided over three consecutive road-victory-less seasons.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 17, 2003 05:01 PM
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