December 16, 2003


FILM CRITIC QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Like a starlet in a Melrose Avenue boutique shopping for vintage fashions, 'Mona Lisa Smile' wears the 1950s like a funky sweater twinset covering toned abs and a navel ring: The movie's a Vanity Fair cover shoot posing as a feminist lesson for postfeminist moviegoers, who never understood the big whoop about keeping one's name after marriage. It's a gussied-up sorority-of-rising-stars project produced, I fantasize, by baby-boomer studio guys whose younger spouses articulately defend a woman's right to stay home with the kids." -Lisa Schwarzbaum, in super-cynic mode, in Entertainment Weekly (not online).

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 16, 2003 11:06 PM
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