December 07, 2003


THE COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE, OR THE "SANCTIMONIOUS SCOLD?": Blogger PatioPundit puts his finger on what's wrong with Joseph Lieberman. Lieberman is probably the closest to my views of all the Democrats in the race, and I'd imagine that's probably true of most Kosher Scoop Jackson Democrats- Jewish social liberals who are hawkish on national security matters. But I would never vote for him, and I can't imagine most KSJs would either.
Why not? Because he is, and always has been, a "sanctimonious scold," attacking Hollywood along with William Bennett, and now introducing a politically tone-deaf anti-junk food initiative. Lieberman showed, in the 2000 campaign and other times, that he can be a likeable and sympathetic figure, when he plays up his son-of-an-immigrant roots and historic status as the first Jew on a national ticket. But going after junk food? Does he really think that'll give him any traction in a national race?

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 7, 2003 05:14 PM
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