November 19, 2003


DON'T BURN YOUR SIDDUR AWARD NOMINEE: This one goes to Kol Zimrah, the Upper West Side Jewish/musical prayer group founded under a year ago by my friend Ben Dreyfus (among others), that's profiled in the Forward this week, along with other stalwarts of the growing New York independent minyan movement (which has already begun to spread nationally.)
KZ and the others have managed to give urban Jewish practice a fresh spin, while at the same time avoiding much of the synagogue politics and other nonsense that myself, and many others, and even Doug Rushkoff (in the third of his book that I do agree with) find so distasteful. So check it out- Kol Zimrah meets this Friday at 6:30 at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, at 15 W 86th St. in Manhattan.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 19, 2003 12:13 AM
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