November 05, 2003

JUSTICE UPDATE: There's more on

JUSTICE UPDATE: There's more on the scandal in the 11/4 issue, including an apology by Passner and a letter of resignation from sports editor Rob Siegel.
There's also a goofy letter to the editor arguing that since this is the second racial "incident" in two years (actually three), the administration needs to take "more drastic action," without going into specifics. Honestly, if there'd been two incidents of racial violence, or two murders, in that amount of time I'd certainly agree. But two incidents of hate speech, in a three year period, on a campus of 3,000 students? If you ask me, that's not too bad a record.
Then again, in that same period there have been at least two student deaths, which I'd say are quite a bit more troublesome than the other "incidents."
Meanwhile, Campus Press Notes reports that Jehuda Reinharz and the rest of the administration have now reaffirmed the Justice's autonomy, and are now retroactively claiming that they would not have prevented the paper from publishing had editor Stephen Heyman not stepped down, in quite a shameless bit of revisionist history. Easy for Jeduda & Co. to say, now that they're no longer under the gun of a threatened race riot.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 5, 2003 02:51 AM
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