October 29, 2003

BIG TIME, NOW: Romenesko has

BIG TIME, NOW: Romenesko has picked up the Passner story, so by the end of the day the nation's entire media elite will know about it. Jim links to the latest account by the Newton Daily News Tribune. News from the story- five staffers have now resigned, the column went unedited because Passner submitted it late Monday night (at least 36 hours after deadline), and the sports editor never even read it; deposed editor-in-chief Stephen Heyman is also interviewed, and calls Passner's quote "an abortion of journalistic ethics."
Also, according to the Campus Press Notes blog, a call to the Justice office yields a message that says "The administration won't let us print unless the editor-in-chief resigns." Proving once again that some of the most gutless, spineless, morally bankrupt people in America are senior university administrators.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 29, 2003 02:02 PM
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