September 25, 2003

CRYSTAL CLEAR: It was announced

CRYSTAL CLEAR: It was announced Wednesday that Weekly Standard publisher and arch-neoconservative Bill Kristol will host the Academy Awards in March. The Academy clearly felt that after Michael Moore and others spent much of last year's Oscars slamming the Iraq war, it might be an interesting change of pace to name Kristol, one of the principal architects of that war, host for the 2004 edition.
In addition to his career as a writer and pundit, Kristol is also an accomplished actor, comedian, and song-and-dance man who starred as gay son Jody Dallas on the hit '70s sitcom "Soap," wowed audiences with a popular Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonation on "Saturday Night Live," and later starred in several popular movies. Kristol's appearances in the hit movie "City Slickers" and its sequel, "City Slickers 2: the Legend of Curly's Gold," were bisected by his stint as chief of staff for Vice President Dan Quayle from 1989-1993; after the box office failure of his 1992 directorial debut, "Mr. Saturday Night," Kristol co-founded the Weekly Standard in 1995, later taking time out to back John McCain's presidential campaign and to direct the well-received HBO baseball drama "61*."
Kristol is believed to be the first openly Republican Oscar host since the late Bob Hope in 1979.

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