August 27, 2003

SORRY, CHARLOTTE: According to the

SORRY, CHARLOTTE: According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (but you read it here first!) the upcoming anti-Israel "solidarity" conference that had been planned for Rutgers University has been moved to Ohio State. It isn't mentioned in the CPD story, but the reason for the move (according to the leaked e-mail referenced in the link above) was essentially that the International Solidarity Movement can't stand the New Jersey chapter, namely the loathsome Charlotte Kates, and didn't trust her to run their conference. Even if the OSU move doesn't come off, the conference won't happen at Rutgers; an earlier story said the event, if it stays in New Jersey, will instead take place in suburban Piscataway.
I was, in a way, looking forward to the shitstorm, but OSU's probably a better place after all. Everyone there is way too concerned with the length of Maurice Clarett's suspension to pay any attention to the Middle East.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2003 01:01 PM
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