August 27, 2003


POST OF THE DAY: From Mike Silverman:

Fundamentalists seethe as Americans try to enforce rule of law

Islamic fundamentalists entered their third consecutive week of angry protest in Baghdad today against a US plan to have civil law as opposed to Sharia law be the law of the land. The protesters' anger surrounds Islamic cleric R'ai Moor, who has refused to allow himself to be evicted from the Iraqi Supreme Court building in central Baghdad. Surrounded by his fundamentalist followers, Moor has stated that God's law must be supreme throughout the state. Moor's followers chanted slogans such as "Sharia is the solution" and levied threats at the American forces. "We will not allow him to be taken from us" one protester said of the cleric. "We will resist, and God is on our side"

No, not Iraq. Alabama.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2003 12:45 AM
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