August 26, 2003

COP KILLER: After nearly two

COP KILLER: After nearly two decades in prison, '60s radical Kathy Boudin will be released this week, after being paroled. Boudin pleaded guilty to both murder and robbery in 1984, in connection with the Rockland County Brinks truck robbery of October 20, 1981 that resulted in the deaths of two police officers and a security guard.
Much like Katherine Ann Power, who is inexplicably admired by many at her alma mater (Brandeis) despite committing a cold-blooded murder and then lamming it for 30 years, Boudin's eventual release has become a cause celebre on the left; her odious, Rhodes Scholar son Chesa was even given a glowing, Kates-like profile in the New York Times earlier this year.
The nine children and other family of Sgt. Edward O'Grady, one of the men killed in the robbery, have to their credit promised to never at any point meet with Boudin; by the same token I can understand why the victims of Father Geoghan aren't so quick to forgive him, or even mourn his death
The most discusting aspect of Boudin's release? According to the transcript of the parole hearing, the parole commissioners "finished [Boudin's] sentences," and seemed to buy her assertion that "guilt over being white" was an excuse for her actions- even though one of the victims, Waverly Brown, was himself black. The parole board members even suggested that Boudin "write a book, or something." If she does, O'Grady's family better get every penny of the proceeds.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 26, 2003 01:18 AM
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