August 24, 2003


SHALOM, BLOOMBERG: I take back anything nice I said about Mayor Mike after his blackout performance- Bloomberg announced Friday that he is taking a trip to Israel next week, and has even vowed to ride a bus in Jerusalem.
Let's see: the Jewish mayor of the largest city in America, the one with the largest Jewish population in the world, is announcing ahead of time that he's coming to Israel, and riding a bus- the same week that Hamas and Islamic Jihad killed 20 people and have vowed to once again step up terrorist attacks.
Hey, Mayor Mike- riding the buses in Jerusalem isn't like riding the subway in Manhattan- on your trip, you're going to be surrounded by people who are mentally and physically prepared to murder you- and don't be surprised for a second if they try.
Then, America will have to invade the Gaza Strip, and Public Advocate Betsy Gutbaum will be our new mayor- both highly scary prospects, if you ask me.
Come on Mike, back off- Rudy-style bluster has never been your strong suit.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 24, 2003 07:16 PM
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