August 21, 2003

DARKMAN: This week's Village Voice,

DARKMAN: This week's Village Voice, which covers the blackout, is one very good reason to wish the lights had stayed out. In the cover story, the Voice shares a funny-looking picture of Gov. George Pataki, accompanied by enormous letters that read "IT'S HIS FAULT."
Now, I'm no Pataki fan, and have certainly been critical of him when he's deserved it, but how is the blackout his fault? Hasn't it been established already that the trouble began in Ohio? What, once the blackout reached New York, was he supposed to stop it with his bare hands? Though you've gotta think Rudy Giuiliani's face would be on the cover of the issue were he still mayor; how the Voice resisted the urge to blame the blackout on their other usual whipping boy, Dubya, is beyond me.
Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle ran a blackout-related op-ed piece this morning by- my boss! His Jagger/Richards-esque conclusion for the cause of the outage? "After all, it was you and me."

AND SPEAKING OF HOUSTON, AND ENERGY...: The trial of Lea Fastow, wife of disgraced former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow, on fraud, conspiracy and money laundering charges, has been delayed two weeks- because of the Super Bowl. The trial was scheduled to start around February 1 of next year, which is the same day that Super Bowl XXXVIII is to take place, also in Houston. The argument is that the potential jury pool would likely be so preoccupied with the game they won't be able to pay attention to the trial; also, the crowds would be a problem. Only in Texas, I guess.

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