August 21, 2003

MOORE-ON: In "honor" of the

MOORE-ON: In "honor" of the DVD release of "Bowling For Columbine," I hearby share with you an anthology of the best anti-Michael Moore quotes! Maybe another time I'll do an Ann Coulter edition...:

10. "Michael Moore is the Leni Reifenstahl of the Left" (; though I bet Moore doesn't live to be 90.)

9. "Michael Moore: Idi Amin, Without the Laughs" (Matt Labash, the Weekly Standard)

8. "Satire is not an excuse for dissembling. Great satirists like Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain used hyperbole as a form of social criticism. Michael Moore, however, uses lies, distortions, and nonsensical arguments to mask cheap attacks and promote his own political agenda. Take him seriously at your own risk." -(Ben Fritz,

7. "This is, however, the first Oscar ceremony that I have viewed through a rather narrow political lens. And, quite frankly, I'm not as huffy as one would expect... but then, of course, there is Fat Fat Fatty." (Scott Ganz)

6. "Read this. It's about Michael Moore and how he's a big fat liar. The stories keep piling up about that guy, and I love it. I have a whole "favorites" folder in my browser just for stories about how big of a lying nutpig Moore is. It's getting really full." (Rachel Lucas)

5. "Moore is a disingenuous danger to this country, and his assumptions and assertions should not go unchallenged. The collective expertise and research abilities of the entire Internet are more than enough to debunk most of the nonsense Moore regularly puts forth as fact, and we at MOOREWATCH hope to be the clearinghouse for this information." (Front page of, organizers of the RevokeTheOscar campaign)

4. "Moore is astoundingly out of touch with the reality that he claims to care so much about. He is Chomsky for children. He does real damage to the cause that he thinks he is advancing. As is also true of Ralph Nader, the American right is much in his debt." (Alan Wolfe, The New Republic)

3. "This lumbering behemoth's... arguments against gun control are simplistic, weak and mired in the cloying stink of self-service, which smells suspiciously like a fat manís crack." (New York Press)

2. "'Michael Moore' is to 'working class' as 'French' is to 'resistance'": (Tim Blair)

1. "If you ask me, Michael Moore is a gasbag who, if stuck with a pin, would fly around the room until he ended up on the floor as three pounds of wrinkled hot-dog skin and a sweat-stained ballcap. And if he is a balloon, that would mean that his penis is twisted in a tight little knot." (James Lileks)

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 21, 2003 01:28 PM

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