August 16, 2003


NOTES ON THE BLACKOUT IN DETROIT: From a newsgroup poster:

Everyone here is all proud because there was no looting in Detroit but "THERE
AINT SHIT TO LOOT IN DETROIT" what can you loot some old bum's bottle's and
can's, shopping carts & matteress laying on the shoulder of the highways,
someone's broken ass screen door or one of the Mayor's pimp suits. Chick news
anchor's look hotter all sweaty wearing either one of those silk tank top
things they where under a blazer or a blouse unbuttoned 3 buttons in a studio
with no a/c got to see that thanks to my battery powered SHARPER IMAGE little
tv. People where all freaking out at gas stations and driving around looking
for gas stations that can pump gas, hello moron's you would have gas in your
car if you stayed home and didnt drive like everyone on tv and radio are
saying. People where trying to put gas in buckets, old margerine tubs, jars and
other things it was a hoot to watch this newsgirl on channel 4 try to explain
that you can only put gas in a approved container while some dude at the pump
behind her is filling up a cooler with gas.

Whenever there's a big calamity in New York everyone always talks about how New Yorkers "pull together" and "help each other through it." Guess that doesn't apply to Detroit, Cleveland, or (for that matter) Canada.

UPDATE: MSNBC just ran a graphic with the following info, for Detroit:

People without power: 1.5 million Automotive plants shut down: 8 Penalty for rock-throwing: 10 years

That may just be my favorite graphic ever.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 16, 2003 02:51 PM
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