August 07, 2003

JUDGE DREAD: In a truly

JUDGE DREAD: In a truly outrageous miscarriage of justice, a judge in Illinois has sentenced William Ligue, the piece of human garbage who (along with his son) ran onto the field (shirtless, I may add) at Chicago's Comiskey Park last year and assaulted Kansas City Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa, to 30 months of probation.
It's an absolute outrage that this subhuman dirtbag, who for no reason whatsoever decided to blindside a man in his 60s from behind and pummel him to the point that he still can't hear out of one ear, will serve no jail time. Sure, he used the "excuse" that he was on drugs, but hell- if anything, that should give him more time behind bars.
Even worse, however, was that Judge Leo Holt had the effrontery to blame the incident on Major League Baseball itself, due the frequency of brawls in games. What the hell is that? Is the judge aware that 99% of brawls happen after brushback pitches, and almost never result from a player being blindsided from behind, much less a senior citizen first base coach? Let's not forget too, as Sports Guy has pointed out, that rarely if ever has any player actually been injured in a baseball brawl.
(And Speaking of baseball brawls, the ruling happened to come down on the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest ever- the 1993 noggie-battle between Robin Ventura and Nolan Ryan).

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 7, 2003 09:39 PM
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