August 06, 2003

TOTAL RECALL: After today's events,

TOTAL RECALL: After today's events, the California Recall has officially surpassed the 2000 presidential race to become the most fucked-up election in the history of American politics.
First GOPer-turned-leftist Arianna Huffington announced that she's running, which presumably means that her now-gay, still-Republican former husband, Michael Huffington, will not be jumping into the race. Then Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Dems' best hope for keeping the governorship in the event of a Davis recall, announced that she would not run.
Then, a parade of marginal celebrities decided to throw their hats in the ring- pornagrapher Larry Flynt (isn't he from Cincinnati?), comedian Gallagher (who apparently hasn't worked in years), porn star Angelyne, and (best of all) Gary Coleman, also unemployed, who is apparently running on the premise that voters sick of "Gray" would prefer instead to support "Gary." They join the organizer of the recall, convicted car thief "Jihad" Darrell Issa.
Then, tonight, Arnold Schwarzeneggar made the surprising decision that he will indeed run for governor. I've all along had mixed feelings about this recall business, since it's sort of silly to throw out of office a man who was re-elected less than a year ago, but I've gotta say I'm excited about the idea of Ah-nuld jumping into the race.
Learn it well, Gray Davis. For it may be the chilling sound of your doom...

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 6, 2003 09:01 PM
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