July 27, 2003

ALL 'TALK': I finally caught

ALL 'TALK': I finally caught Pedro Almodovar's Oscar-winning "Talk to Her" over weekend and enjoyed it immensely- though I have to say it's only the second-best sexually explicit Spanish-language film of 2002, after "Y Tu Mama Tambien." At any rate, "Talk To Her" had no transvestites, and no Penelope Cruz, which in my view are two points in its favor over Almodovar's previous picture, "All About My Mother."
One other comment on "Talk to Her"- much has been made about the faux "short film" within the film in which a husband, having shrunken to a height of three inches after injecting a "shrinking serum," literally walks into his wife's vagina. If this sequence looks familiar, it's because liiterally the same thing happened in a 1990s American film- Howard Stern's infamous "Butt Bongo Fiesta" video. Though I'd wager a significant sum that the Stern video was not seem by the vast majority of people who saw "Talk to Her"- or, for that matter, Almodovar himself.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 27, 2003 06:41 PM
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