July 26, 2003


JACK REPUBLICAN VS. TED DEMOCRAT: I found this on a newsgroup; Michael Moore and Ann Coulter couldn't top it if they tried:

Bush bush, George W. Bush, Bush Republicans corporations
Bush George W. Bush George H.W. Bush, Republicans and Bush.
Obviously Bush hasn't bushed bush bush Bush George W. Bush into
the Middle East, but Bush George W. Bush George H.W. Bush to
the Florida elections and Bush Republicans GOP Bush Bush Bush.
This issue is crystal clear.

Liberal hogwash - Clinton Clinton Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton and
Monica, Clinton impeachment Clinton, Clinton Bill Clinton Democrats
Clinton and the Democrats as well as Clinton, Bill Clinton, William
J. Clinton, Clinton Bill Clinton, Democrats Clinton socialist Clinton
the Democrats, Clinton Clinton Willian Clinton? Obviously not,
but the liberals never have an answer for that.

Typical. Like George W. Bush never rich people George Bush
WASP mafia Bush George Walker Bush GW Bush clearchannel
corporations the Florida elections (Dan Quayle). GOP Bush
Bush Texas GOP Bush. Do you want an elite dictating your
life? None for me, thanks.

Clinton blowjob China, case closed.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 26, 2003 04:56 AM
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