July 24, 2003


JAMES DAVIS, RIP: New York City Hall was the site of tragedy on Wednesday afternoon, as City Councilman James Davis was shot and killed in a balcony above the council chamber, allegedly by his political opponent, Othniel Askew. Davis, a former cop and longtime anti-violence advocate, represented the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.
It's unclear so far what the story is behind the murder, but a few things seemed a little off- if Askew, the shooter, was shot on the scene, then why did Mayor Bloomberg and others give everyone in the city the impression for two hours that the killer was still on the loose? With alternating descriptions that he was a "light-skinned black man" and a "dark-skinned black man." Apparently Askew and Davis were both immediately rushed to a hospital, but how come none of the 50-odd people in the room noticed that the shooter was also gunned down, without escaping? Guess this proves the old adage that the least reliable testimony is eyewitness testimony.
Speaking of Bloomberg, he just proves himself more of an idiot every day. Rudy, as we all know, was the king of the post-calamity press conference. But Mayor Mike? His first statement was that the shooting was "a crime against all Americans" (say what?) and he later said that Wednesday was "the roughest day I've ever had in this city. (Huh? Did you forget September 11?) That, on top of the whole bungling of the "escaped shooter" thing, shows once again that this guy's in way over his head. At least initial fears that the murderer was a disgruntled smoker proved unfounded.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 24, 2003 05:53 AM
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