July 23, 2003


MEMOIRS OF A FISKING: I've gotten lots of e-mail about my anti-Charlotte Kates fisking of earlier this week; here are some of the better comments, with my responses:

This lil Red Kaffiah Hood decided to throw the event during a Jewish Holiday, thus extinguishing many people that would go to this event. Although I believe that many Conservative and Reform will go to the event to counter protest this confused demogogic delusional whackjob, it is important to get this event cancelled.

For those unaware, Kates' conference is scheduled to begin on the first night of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The last time a hateful anti-Israel action was planned to coincide with a Jewish holiday, it was 1973 and they called it "the Yom Kippur War."

Fantastic piece of writing, Steve! I think the New York Times should fire Chris Hedges and hire you in his place!

Thanks, and I'm with you on the "Fire Hedges" bandwagon, but I'm not quite sure I'm Times material. Not to mention, of the 40-some columns I wrote for my college newspaper the only submission ever killed by my editors was the one where I nominated myself to succeed Janet Maslin as New York Times film critic.

Mark my words. The NYT article is the beginning of a total psychological meltdown for poor, young Charlotte. It will eventually destroy -- or transform -- her. She has no idea what has been unleashed. And she can thank the NYT for it. Altho ultimately, it's her own responsibility.
Within five years, she is headed for:
1) Ardent neo-con transformation, or
2) Irreversible nervous breakdown, followed by long-term hospitalization.
She sounds like she's already out of her friggin' mind.

Charlotte as a neo-con? Hmm, I could see her as an Ann Coulter type- she already has the Ann-like habit of defending the indefensible, as well as spouting off complete nonsense as though she actually believes that it has validity. Though on second thought, I suppose option 2 is considerably more likely. She can't pull off Coulter's pseudo-glam look, especially not with that darn Kaffiyiah in the way.

Just as Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is becoming a Jew on "Sex and the City," this other Charlotte has to come and trash the Jews. What gives?

Also, it'll be awhile before I'm able to enjoy Dr. Pepper again.

Good fisting ... er, fisking. I imagine this loopy bitch is against fisting too, as it reinforces the patriatrchal power structure, or whatever such bullshit reactionary liberals like to spout.

I'm not about to speculate about Ms. Kates' sexual proclivities, but I will say one thing- there's nothing "liberal" about Charlotte and her ilk. As my old professor Jerry Cohen used to say, "joining the Communist Party isn't like signing up for the College Democrats."

Gordie [Fellman, Brandeis prof. of Sociology] was talking about nominating Hedges for an honorary degree from Brandeis- I wanted to vomit when I saw that.

Damn. I always liked and got along with Gordie personally, but you've just gotta shake your head at some of his cockamamie political causes. I mean, why not give Mumia Abu-Jamal an honorary degree while we're at it?
(Oops, bad example).

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 23, 2003 06:44 AM
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