July 21, 2003

PRISON BITCH: Has any news

PRISON BITCH: Has any news story ever been more of a conservative wet dream that this convicted murderer who wants a government-funded sex change? It's got every thing to raise the bile of dittoheads: government waste, softness on crime, sexual deviancy...
Mark Lewis Brooks has been in prison for the last 12 years for a murder, at some point in prison realized that he was more comfortable as a woman (gee, imagine that...), and now wants the state to pay for his "psychotherapy, electrolysis, hormonal therapy, breast implants and 'genital reassignment' surgery."
Are we sure this is real? And it's not some made-up, Onion-like parody designed to give Bill O'Reilly a heart attack?

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 21, 2003 03:24 AM

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