July 18, 2003

JOLTED JUNIOR: Ken Griffey, Jr.,

JOLTED JUNIOR: Ken Griffey, Jr., the Grant Hill of baseball, suffered an ankle injury in Thursday's game, and is now out for the season. This means the Griffey's season has been cut short in each of the four seasons since he engineered a trade to the Cincinnati Reds from the Seattle Mariners.
Griffey was already on the outs with both his team and the Cincinnati fans; that Griffey had stopped to watch the ball that didn't leave the park, lost his footing, and suffered the injury then isn't likely help matters either.
What's happened in Griffey's career these past four years is unquestionably the saddest decline of a Cincinnati Red since the Pete Rose banishment. Indeed, like Rose, Ken Griffey has likely worn a Reds uniform for the last time.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 18, 2003 05:21 AM
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