June 25, 2003


POST-BLAIR PLAGIARISM WATCH: On the heels of the Post/IMDB thing Paul Frankenstein uncovered yesterday, I've found something similar:
Some of you may remember a widely circulated e-mail forward from around the time of the Iraq war, a "military history of France" that made fun of France's various military blunders throughout history. On page 135 of the June issue of Maxim (Shania Twain on the cover), there's a general roundup of humorous anti-France stuff, which includes a timeline of French wars- and lifts or slightly rephrases multiple lines from the forward that was circulated months earlier, including references to the "Dien Bien Flu," and "the first rule of Muslim warfare: we can always beat the French."
A Google search of one of the lines in the Maxim story, that after World War I France discovered "what it's like to bed a winner who doesn't call her 'Fraulein,'" turns up 683 results. Doesn't Maxim have fact-checkers for this sort of thing?

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 25, 2003 02:38 AM
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