June 20, 2003


GOOD GAME, GOOD GAME: Just when I was beginning to worry that the Twins would go 0-for-my-trip, today they crushed the second-place Kansas City Royals 16-2. Breaking a five-game losing streak, the Twins got 23 hits. We'll be celebrating tomorrow at my lunch with TwinsGeek.
In other Twins news, rookie first baseman Justin "Nosferatu" Morneau remains on a tear, batting well over .400 in his first two weeks in the majors. Morneau's success intensifies speculation that the incumbent 1B, Doug Mientkiewicz, will be sent packing, although Dougie Baseball did play a few innings at second base in a game last week. I'm hoping it stays that way- then the Twins can get rid of ineffectual second baseman Luis Rivas (that sure would make Gleeman happy. Now they just need Johan Santana as their instant #1 starter, and we're all set).

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 20, 2003 02:39 AM
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